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Engineer, Localization

Engineer, Localization

Issaquah , Washington , USA
amateur_radio anime karaoke technology csharp python data_science sing4datascience japanese アマチュア無線 アニメ 日本語 カラオケ 技術 データサイエンス

Queen Mother

queer art film experimental sex music magik science

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Florida , USA
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Michigan , USA
deconstruction reconstruction faith doubt christianity love

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Queens , New York , USA
environmentalism zero-waste music art painting gnu/linux video-games queer

Washington , District of Columbia , USA
nasa universe space planet astronaut

Brooklyn , New York , USA
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Philomath , Oregon , USA
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thelincolnproject projectlincoln lincolnproject
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Pasadena , California , USA
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Texas , USA
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Denver , Colorado , USA
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Hayward , California , USA
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Missouri , USA
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New York City , New York , USA
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Ohio , USA
ohio community

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BILLINGS , Montana , USA
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Ica, Peru , Massachusetts , USA
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Williamsville , New York , USA
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Columbus , Ohio , USA
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